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Must know topics for Ethereum Blockchain developer | Ethereum Blockchain developer Certification

Right now, the whole world needs lots of Blockchain developers but there is a lot of scarcity. The first blockchain platform which came up with smart contract is ethereum.

There are two perceptions of users in Ethereum

  • Consumers
  • Developers

Consumers primarily use wallets to do the ether transfers or interact with any of the Dapp using the metamask wallets.

Developers are the one, who develops Dapp which end users start consuming it. To become a good ethereum blockchain developers you are supposed to understand some concepts, terminologies and architectures.

This article will help you to get started with a list of contents you can start reading with.

1.Why we need the ethereum.

a. Importance of new system

b. User types of Ethereuem

2. Study about Ethereum

 a. Ethereum foundation

 b. Analyse White and Yellow paper of Ethereum

3. How ethereum works

 a. Ethereum network

 b. Accounts & its creation

 c. EVM

 d. Transactions and Types

 e. Gas

 f. Smart contract

 g. What is Block

 h. What is Mining and consensus?

 i. Transaction execution

 j. Wallets

 4. Types of consensus

 a. PoW

 b. PoA

 c. PoS

 5. DAO, & DAPPS

 a. What is DAO

b. What is DAPP

6. Dapp Components

 a. Introduction

 b. Client app

 c. Smart contract

 d. Web3js

 f. Use Metamask to do a transaction

 g. Use the account keys directly to the application

 h. Programming languages - JavaScript

 i. Types of Architecture design

 j. Client, Web3js, Network, Account/wallet.

 k. Client, Middleware, Web3js, Network, Account/wallet

 7. Programming in solidity.

 a. What is solidity

 b. Solidity basics

 c. Solidity Datatypes

 d. Functions and modifiers

 f. Inheritance

 g. Libraries

 h. Solidity Events

 i. ERC20, ERC223, ERC771 Tokens

 j. Auditing security and testing

 k. Using Remix, Testnet, Metamask

8. Dapp development Tools

 a. TestRpc

 b. Ganache.

 c. Infura

 d. Metamask

 f. Truffle Box.

 fa. Develop contracts in truffle

 fb. contracts to testrpc

 fc. Use truffle console

 fd. Deploy contracts to rinkeyby

 fe. Testing smart contracts with truffle

 g. IPFS

 h. Zepplin Contracts

 9. Create Voting app

 a. Define the requirements

 b. Define the functional components and personas

 c. Design the tech stack architecture

 d. Develop Client application

 e. Develop smart contract

 f. Writing the test script

 g. Deploy smart contract with Truffle in testnet.

 h. Integration with UI

 i. Deploy the UI in cloud

 j. Access the application.

10. Top B2C Applications

 a. Slock It

 b. UPort

 c. SkuChain

 d. Storj

 e. EthLance

 f. Supplychain

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